Eventus, our flagship product, is a standards-based clinical and patient management system for use in clinics and hospitals of varying size and specialties. With a sound team of clinicians, health informaticians, and software developers we are developing an integrated healthcare system that enables data to flow with the patient and achieve interoperability of data across varied system vendors.

We used SNOMED CT for our clinical data and have also seamlessly based our data structures on ISO EN13606. We have achieved interoperability of data through HL7 CCDA as well as XML and JSON for non-HL7-compliant systems. Other standards progressively being used our FDA, ICD10, and DICOM. The use of standardised data helps individual healthcare organisations to analyse their data to make informed decisions regarding their clinical practice as well as their patients.

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Our clinical data such as Problems, Diagnosis, Allergies, History, and Examinations, Medication frequency, and Lab Requests are SNOMED CT-coded. Alongside that we have also coded certain Patient demographics such as Gender, Blood group etc to SNOMED CT as well.

How SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT is being used to help clinicians use standardised data at the time of recording during a clinical consultation. It is also being used to drive data analytics to help clinics and hospitals better understand their patients and the trends being observed in their establishment.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

SNOMED CT was selected as it allows recording a unique concept using various terms familiar to clinicians in their daily parlance. This provides a lot of power to a system by enabling more flexibility during data entry and recording. Besides being an international terminology it has a very robust coverage and release mechanism which enhances the capabilities of systems implementing the terminology.

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