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Leveraging the unique power of clinical concepts and defining relationships, Researchers and Knowledge Producers use SNOMED CT to integrate other classification schemes and quickly create data, information, evidence, and knowledge.

Value proposition

A value proposition for reseachers

SNOMED CT enables Researchers and Knowledge Producers to create ‘a one language of health’ and accelerate data, information, evidence and knowledge creation, and to support a wide range of analytics and research activities to benefit the decision-making of policymakers, care providers, patients/citizens and other health care stakeholders. 

Researchers_value prop

Engage as a researcher

Engagement with the research community enables SNOMED International to determine the needs of our science and research stakeholders.

We make it a priority to evolve how we engage and support our research community in their use of SNOMED CT.


Our research engagement team:

  • Customer Relations Lead Americas & Collaborations Specialist:
    Suzy Roy 

Research on Confluence
Engage a researcher
Research Web Series

Research web series


The Research Web Series is a collection of monthly, 60 minute webinars presented by distinguished researchers from the SNOMED CT community. The webinars showcase current research involving SNOMED CT.  

Registration is open to all and there is no cost to attend.

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