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There are a number of ways that Members, clinicians, vendors, and terminologists can contribute to SNOMED International's community of practice.

Our events


SNOMED International values engagement throughout the course of the year with the thriving Community of Practice. We produce business meetings and the SNOMED CT Expo each year as well as participating in a number of industry conferences.


Clinical engagement


Engaging with clinicians is fundamental to ensuring that SNOMED CT is, and continues to be, fit to support clinical practice. The vision of clinical engagement is two-fold. We want to "ensure that all activities of SNOMED International are influenced by global clinical communities” while maintaining a “culture that has a progressive and sustainable approach to engaging clinicians”.Guided by a clinical engagement strategy and dedicated regional clinical leads, SNOMED International invites clinical contribution through its Clinical Reference Groups and Clinical Project Groups.

Clinical groups


Clinical input to support the development of SNOMED CT is delivered through Clinical Reference Groups and Clinical Project Groups - a full list can be found following the link below.

Advisory groups

SNOMED International has an active ecosystem of advisory groups that conduct specific activities contributing to the fulfilment of the organization’s responsibilities, operational work items as well as the organization’s mandate. Advisory groups are chaired by SNOMED International staff and are agile in nature, given the changing needs of our organization.

Playing a critical role in the management and direction of organization priorities, each advisory group initiates the year by developing a group work plan outline, determining the process by which work plans are actioned, outlining applicable resource requirements, and laying out a set of criteria against which to measure the progress of the applicable group work plan.

Clinical engagement

Project groups

Project Groups are focused on completing a specific task within a particular period of time and typically have a fixed membership that includes members of the community of practice,  and may include SNOMED International representatives. 

Advisory Groups
Project Groups

Vendor marketplace

SNOMED International values the input of vendors into the product development and planning process. The SNOMED CT marketplace offers a place where vendors of SNOMED CT can exchange business information with potential purchasers, an important part of encouraging and prompting uptake of SNOMED CT.

SNOMED in action

Share your story: SNOMED in Action

We showcase SNOMED CT success stories around the world. If you would like to share your SNOMED CT implementation story with a worldwide audience, please register with us.



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