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Access the world’s most comprehensive clinical terminology through a variety of flexible membership, licensing and fee exemption options. 

As a Member or licensee, you join an international community with shared assets, common needs, and a commitment to collaboratively improving the health of people worldwide.




SNOMED International is a strong Member-owned and driven organization, having demonstrated growth in Membership each year since inception. Members of SNOMED International can be an agency of a national government, or another body (such as a corporation or regional government agency) endorsed by an appropriate national government authority within the territory it represents.

If you are deploying SNOMED CT in a Member country, please register your use with the National Release Center (NRC) of that country (unless your country has MLDS access, when this service should instead be used).

SNOMED International does not charge for Affiliate Licensing or for use of SNOMED CT in Member countries.




SNOMED International does not charge for use of SNOMED CT in SNOMED International Member countries or territories. Charges may apply for affiliate use of SNOMED CT in non-Member territories and are calculated based on use as well as the territory as determined by the World Bank.

If you are using and/or deploying SNOMED CT in a non-Member country/territory, you are required to apply for a license through the Member Licensing & Distribution Service (MLDS) on an annual basis. All license holders in non-Member countries or territories are required to submit a Statement of Usage via MLDS on an annual basis. Invoices are issued once annually.

Fee exemptions

Fee exemptions


Fee exemptions may be applied for SNOMED CT deployments in non-Member territories.


Contact us


Do you have questions about SNOMED International membership, licensing or fee exemptions? 

For a fee calculation or estimate, please contact with information about your intended use. Other modes of deployment e.g. web applications and browsers, will require special permission and fees applied.

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