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National licensing ensures that high quality clinical information is available to all stakeholders. 


Members of SNOMED International can be an agency of a national government, or another body endorsed by an appropriate national government authority within the territory it represents. 


  • Free use of SNOMED CT within the Member’s territory. Members manage the release, distribution, and sub-licensing of SNOMED CT and other products of the Association within their Territory.

  • Twice-yearly updates of the international release of SNOMED CT 

  • Ability to create national extensions of SNOMED CT and to apply to translate the standard into national language(s) 

  • Free access to SNOMED CT resources within the Member’s territory available via the document library 

  • Free access to SNOMED CT educational programming. View our E-learning resources 

  • Ability to suggest the addition of new concepts, or changes to current concepts and relationships, in the international release 

  • Representation on the SNOMED International General Assembly and Member Forum, the organization’s governance bodies. Members play a critical governance role through the approval of the organization's budget and strategy.

  • National delegates invited to participate in twice-yearly governance, advisory, working special interest and project group business meetings and conferences. Learn more about our events 

  • Access to forums and networks to share, and learn from, SNOMED CT implementation experiences


  • Membership fees are based on the most current World Bank Gross National Income (GNI) Atlas values as published by the World Bank.


Our Customer Stakeholder & Relationship Team

Contact the appropriate SNOMED International Customer Stakeholder & Relationship Management executive.

  • Global: Shelley Lipon

  • Americas: Suzy Roy 

  • Europe:  Ian Green

  • Middle East & Africa: Nick Egarhos

  • Asia Pacific: Liara Tutina


Contact Us


Do you have questions about SNOMED International membership, licensing or fee exemptions? 

For a fee calculation or estimate, please contact with information about your intended use. Other modes of deployment e.g. web applications and browsers, will require special permission and fees applied.

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