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Engaging with clinicians is fundamental to ensuring that the SNOMED CT product is, and continues to be, fit to support clinical practice.

Vision for clinical engagement

Vision for clinical engagement


The vision of clinical engagement is "to ensure that all activities of SNOMED International are influenced by global clinical communities.” SNOMED International’s culture has a progressive and sustainable approach to engaging clinicians.

Clinical Strategy

Engage as a clinician

The benefits of clinical engagement include:

  • Informing direction of SNOMED International products and services

  • Improving quality, and thus clinical usability and acceptability, of SNOMED International products and services, based on clinical knowledge and expertise

  • Identifying clinical champions who support and endorse the implementation of SNOMED CT and related products and services

  • Promoting collaboration between international healthcare professional groups that improve SNOMED International products and services

Our clinical engagement team:

  • Global Clinical Engagement Lead - Ian Green

  • Clinical Engagement Lead - Dr. Charles Gutteridge

  • Collaboration Lead - Jane Millar

Clinical groups


Clinical input to support the development of SNOMED CT is delivered through Clinical Reference Groups and Clinical Project Groups. These groups are focused on clinical specialities, with each specialty are having its own Confluence based site.

Each site supports discussion and knowledge sharing. Access to the Clinical Reference Groups and Clinical Project Groups is though a central Confluence portal focused on clinical engagement activities.

Clinical groups
Clinical Web Series

Clinical Web Series


The Clinical Web Series is a collection of monthly, 90 minute webinars where clinicians working with SNOMED CT share their real-world experiences. Attendees will gain a greater insight into the work of clinicians using SNOMED CT in their practice.

Registration is open to all and there is no cost to attend.


SNOMED CT for clinical data analytics


Building on data capture at the point of care, one of the prime uses of SNOMED CT is to enable clinical data analytics. Watch the demo outlining how SNOMED CT supports data analytics as well as review related SNOMED International resources. 

SNOMED CT for clinical data analytics
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