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Leeds Teaching Hospitals


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Leeds Teaching Hospitals decided to embrace SNOMED CT in their Emergency Department as a way to reduce duplication of data entry and ensure recording in a consistent way, thus facilitating analysis as well as supporting completion of the national Commissioning Data Set (CDS) returns.


All clinical staff within the Emergency Department.

How SNOMED CT will be used

The aim of the work was to support the electronic recording of diagnoses in an emergency department in a way that was clinically meaningful and then to be able to produce from these recorded diagnoses the CDS returns. This activity was supported by the creation of a SNOMED CT subset for diagnoses in emergency medicine. The clinical terms within that subset were then mapped to the CDS codes so this aspect could be automated.

This Leeds Case Study at provides an overview of their work.

Why SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT provided terms that were acceptable to the clinicians for entering in the patient record. The fact that these could then be mapped to the classification codes required for national data returns enabled saving in time. The classification codes (data dictionary codes) are designed for the purposes of analysis and are not appropriate to be entered at the point of care.


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