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To redesign the immunizations’ module in the CWS of ICS for both primary and hospital care, and making its information interoperable.


All healthcare centres of primary care at ICS and other centres which are using the same Clinical Workstation (eCAP).

How SNOMED CT will be used

The immunizations' module of the CWS of ICS has been redesigned, adapting it for both primary and hospital care and including the concept of active (vaccines) and passive (immunoglobulins) immunizations. SNOMED CT has been used in order to make the information registered standard and interoperable between different levels of healthcare and also with other agents like HC3.

This new module is part of the integration project between primary and hospital care of ICS, through which continuity of care will be guaranteed offering common visions of the patients' information. When this new module will be completely implemented healthcare professionals will record the administered immunizations to patients which will be stored and encoded using SNOMED CT.

Why SNOMED CT will be used

There wasn't any classification or terminology to record the immunizations and for this reason SNOMED CT was chosen to describe the whole process using different axis related to each other. SNOMED CT lets the codification of immunizations as substances, biological or pharmaceutical products and it allow us to record the procedure consisting on the administration of them too (this three codes are different and they are related to each other). In different axis of one single terminology you have the process of administrating immunizations.


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