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The main objective was to normalize the allergies that has been registered in our EHR until then in free text and create an instant search widget that use SNOMED CT as a background taking into account the local terms of the organization and the outmost frequent terms until then.


All clinical staff in Spain that use our new EHR system.

How SNOMED CT will be used

The process was the following:

  • Extract all the allergies that the physicians have registered in free text until then

  • Clean the data and normalize it using the tool ITServer Map it to SNOMED CT using mapset editor of ITServer

  • Create a terminology with the local terms that the doctors were used to

  • Each local term is related with a conceptId

  • In this terminology we take also into account the frequency in which each term appear in our EHR system

  • Create an instant search widget in order to retrieve from ITServer the normalize terms taking into account the frequency and the context

  • Save each selection from the physician in order to improve the next search

Why SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT was selected because is the most comprehensive, multilingual health care terminology in the world.


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