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2024 Products & Services Catalog highlights SNOMED International’s ever-expanding product, implementation, education, and tooling services

May 31, 2024

SNOMED International is pleased to announce the release of the 2024 Products & Services Catalog.

Available as a PDF download, the catalog, which is updated and published annually, provides a comprehensive snapshot of the organization’s products and services, organized into sections on content, support offerings, education and tooling. 

New in 2024

The 2024 catalog highlights new and/or updated content developed throughout the year, including anatomy, cancer synoptic reporting, rare diseases, epilepsy, social care and a preview of the SNOMED CT-LOINC extension. These developments are the results of linkages with other terminologies and classifications and of Member and stakeholder-driven requirements. 

The content section captures the monthly SNOMED CT International Edition releases, as well as the Spanish-language version, which is released twice a year, the one-way and bi-directional maps we co-develop with other terminologies or classifications, and subsets of SNOMED CT based on specific use cases. It also highlights the Global Patient Set, a managed collection of SNOMED CT reference sets, and the International Patient Summary, a minimal and non-exhaustive set of basic clinical data of a patient, specialty-agnostic, condition-independent, but readily usable by all clinicians for the unscheduled (cross-border) patient care.

“A look back on our Products & Services Catalogs from even a few years ago reveals the incredible growth in the products and services SNOMED International provides around the SNOMED CT product,” said CEO Don Sweete. “It clearly demonstrates the cycle of stakeholder feedback and collaborative development that drives this growth, and indicates we are providing the products, tools and services our user community needs.”

A growing portfolio of tools and resources 

The 2024 catalog focuses on existing, new and improved tools and services to support the users of our products and services.

Driven by stakeholder needs and requests, the number and breadth of SNOMED International tools and resources continue to grow each year. The 2024 catalog highlights the many offerings available to help users manage releases and distribution, browse the terminology, request content changes, author content, and search for, manage, create and translate SNOMED CT refsets, among other tools. A few of the most recent tools include online mapping tool Snap2SNOMED, the SNOMED CT Concept Lookup tool, and the Simplex toolkit, a free, open-source tool that imports data from existing SNOMED International services and local spreadsheets.

It also highlights the many services we offer our community to support their adoption and implementation journey, such as a fully staffed Customer Service Relations Management team and Implementation Portal, a continuously available online Helpdesk where users can submit a ticket for technical support, and an exhaustive library of interactive resources.

Educational offerings

SNOMED International has also developed a broad range of curricula, ranging from an introductory-level course that provides a firm foundation in SNOMED CT, to others targeted to more experienced users.

New and updated for 2024 are a number of education products, ranging from the Foundation Course in both English and Spanish, all the way through to certifications and learning pathways for more advanced courses. The catalog also includes information on our global education delivery partners and continuing education credits, and on our annual SNOMED CT Expo and twice-annual business meetings.

The bigger picture

To better understand how each of these elements – tooling, education, content development, etc. – contributes to helping users realize the benefits of SNOMED CT, the catalog includes a section with links to multimedia materials detailing the value of SNOMED CT, how it is being used to help deliver better patient care globally and how it has provided a return on investment and other benefits to so many Member countries and others such as affiliate licensees, researchers and humanitarian or charitable organizations.

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