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The SNOMED CT Expo unites clinical terminology SMEs from around the world, including government officials, health IT professionals, health practitioners, researchers, academics and vendors.

Discover how SNOMED CT enables data driven health systems and improved patient outcomes from a wide range of global implementers.

Global terminology enabling quality information exchange.

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Watch last year's Expo sessions

Acquaint yourself with the keynotes, concurrent sessions and tutorial offerings at the SNOMED CT Expo 2022 in Lisbon

Program streams

Program Streams

SNOMED CT Expo 2023

Global terminology enabling quality information exchange.

Presentations enable attendees to enhance their knowledge of SNOMED CT and are aligned with one of four program streams.

Advances in Research and Innovation

Presentations showcasing innovation of SNOMED CT to accelerate data, information, evidence and knowledge creation, supporting a wide range of informatics research

Demonstrating Implementation Excellence

Presentations exploring practical demonstrations  SNOMED CT.  Implementers from healthcare organizations, government agencies and industry will share their lessons learned, outcomes and benefit realization achievements.

Enhancing Clinical Practice and Outcomes

Presentations focused on the application of SNOMED CT in clinical settings and clinical research; aimed at enhancing the patient or citizen experience, clinical outcomes, reducing costs or improving efficiency. This may include such areas as precision medicine, data analytics, decision support, clinical guidelines etc.  

Terminology Leading Practices

Presentations covering experience and ideas on innovative enhancements of SNOMED CT, as well as those in conjunction with other international standards, e.g., content development, mappings, description logic, reference sets and more.

More Information

More information

Business meetings

Formal meetings of governance and advisory bodies


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