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Global Patient Set

The GPS supports health information interoperability across care settings, systems, organizations and national borders.

What is the IPS?

What is the GPS?


The GPS is a managed list of existing SNOMED CT unique identifiers, fully specified names (FSN), preferred terms in international English, and status flags, made available at no cost to users.

The GPS supports the sharing of patient health information coded with SNOMED CT without the need for a SNOMED International license.

Note: The Global Patient Set excludes SNOMED CT’s inherent relationships and hierarchies; fundamental to the nature of an ontology and its ability to enable clinical data analytics, decision support, artificial intelligence, etc.


About the GPS


The GPS is a mechanism to foster interoperability creation in less digitally mature countries as well as a tool to support the travel of citizens and their information across borders into countries not presently licensed to use SNOMED CT.

For some, the GPS provides a starting point for SNOMED CT use. For all, 
the GPS can support citizen movement with assurance that a foundation of structured patient information is available, when needed most.

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GPS resources

GPS resources

Download the IPS Teminology

Download the GPS


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Licensed Use

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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