There is more energy than ever in rolling out SNOMED CT as the key information standard for a smart and equitable health system in New Zealand.

SNOMED CT implementation is central to an interoperability roadmap supporting the New Zealand Health Strategy and Vision for Health Technology, with their themes of care closer to home, one team and value and high performance.

The focus over the next two years is primary care, where users are migrating their systems from Read Codes to SNOMED CT as they introduce new models of care and software with clinical decision support features. Patients are empowered through the much better information available to them in their use of personal health apps and devices.

Government health and social agencies are working together to accelerate the move to SNOMED as part of a wider effort to provide citizens with digital public services. Impetus grows every day as health providers and their industry partners begin to implement SNOMED CT in innovative solutions.

More information about SNOMED CT in New Zealand can be accessed here:

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General Assembly: Alastair Kenworthy, Director of Health Information Standards

Member Forum: Alastair Kenworthy (co-chair), Tracy Thompson

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Ministry of Health
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