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Change or add to SNOMED CT

SNOMED CT is a growing, evolving product.


Here you can learn about how you can help contribute to making it even stronger.


Content Request Service


SNOMED International coordinates requests for additions or changes to SNOMED CT through its Members' National Release Centers (NRCs). For more information about the processes in each country/territory, please access the relevant Member page.

Members' NRCs and other authorized users submit requests for additions or changes via the SNOMED CT Content Request Service (CRS). Requests that meet inclusion criteria for the International Release are addressed by SNOMED International staff. If a request is declined, a reason and explanation is provided to the requester, who may choose to appeal the decision to the Head of Terminology.


Guidance information for requesting changes to SNOMED CT

This E-Learning presentation covers the processes, criteria and considerations for creating good quality request submissions

Guidance infrormation

Request submission dates

SNOMED International is now accepting request submissions to be considered for inclusion by the January 2025 SNOMED CT International Edition release.


Request submissions received between 16 April 2024 and 13 October 2024 inclusive will be reviewed for inclusion in a monthly release in or before the January 2025 International Edition release.


Please note changes to the Service Level Agreement. 


Namespace identifiers


If you are interested in creating your own content or extension, you will need a Namespace Identifier so your content can be associated with you.

Namespace application form

To get a Namespace Identifier, please fill out a Namespace Identifier Application Form and email it to



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