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American Dental Association

American Dental Association

Clinical partner

The American Dental Association (ADA) is not-for-profit and the largest professional association for dentistry in the United States, representing more than 157,000 dentist members. It is the premier source of oral health information in the United States, if not the entire world, and has advocated for the public’s health as well as promoted the art and science of dentistry since 1859. It has developed and continues to develop the SNODENT dental diagnostic code set.

Additional information

In 2012, ADA and IHTSDO signed a Cooperation Agreement which focused on aligning the content of SNODENT and SNOMED CT, where appropriate, and also saw the instigation of the IHTSDO International Dentistry Special Interest Group (SIG), now called the Dentistry Clinical Reference Group.

This Cooperation Agreement was updated to a Collaboration Agreement in April 2016 focusing on agreed joint work, including:

  • Development of a SNOMED CT General Dentistry Diagnoses Subset

  • Release and maintenance of this SNOMED CT General Dentistry Diagnoses Subset

  • Ongoing provision of Subject Matter Experts by ADA

  • Support for maintenance and updating of the linkage between SNOMED CT and SNODENT at respective releases

The SNOMED CT General Dentistry Diagnoses Refset is now released and updated annually in line with the July release of SNOMED CT. It is worth noting that the Dentistry Clinical Reference Group has also produced an Odontogram refset which is also available through SNOMED International and aligns with SNODENT where appropriate.

These refsets have been included in the scope of SNOMED International's Global Patient Set.

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