The International Patient Summary Terminology

SNOMED International is committed to extending the core of SNOMED CT’s structured clinical terminology to deliver an open, standalone sub-ontology to support the scope of content within the International Patient Summary

Global Patient Set

The Global Patient Set will support the cross-border movement of information, and ultimately health system interoperability. A managed list of existing unique identifiers, fully specified names (FSN), preferred terms in international English, and status flag, the Global Patient Set will be available at no cost to users.

SNOMED CT Spanish Edition

Contains the Spanish language version of the SNOMED CT® International Edition and is released in April and October following the SNOMED CT® International Edition release.

Member extensions

A benefit of SNOMED International membership is the ability to create a SNOMED CT national extension to reflect local policy and priorities through structured terminology.

Derivative products

These products are derived from SNOMED CT® International Edition content, and which SNOMED International maintains and distributes to its Members and licensees.

Free sets

Free sets, a specific type of Derivative product, contain only the SNOMED CT identifier (SCTID) and fully specified name (FSN) for each record in the refset, and so can be distributed to anyone with or without a license.


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