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West Coast Informatics Inc

Vendor Overview

West Coast Informatics Inc

We are leading technology and subject matter experts in healthcare terminology solutions. We provide the healthcare industry with software solutions, implementation guidance, and expertise related to medical informatics. This includes implementation of SNOMED CT, LOINC, RXNORM, ICD10CM, and more.

Our core competencies are tooling to support browsing, authoring, and maintenance of structured terminologies, tooling for publishing and data quality analysis, and methodologies and approaches for mapping between structured terminologies and/or local data sets.

We work with a variety of government, non-profit, and private sector organizations to develop enterprise terminology solutions that leverage the latest technology stacks (including microservices and containers) and we leverage cloud platforms for deployment to achieve security and scalability.

We offer expertise in using and implementing SNOMED CT and its data structures, including maintaining of extensions, and use of the various tooling platforms used to support SNOMED CT content. We have implemented a variety of systems to support interactions with SNOMED CT, RXNORM, LOINC, ICD-10, and other standard terminologies in use in healthcare within the US and abroad.

We offer expertise in a wide variety of healthcare information models, including the various versions of FHIR, CCDA, HL7v2 messages, openEHR, CIMI, OMOP, and others.

We provide a terminology server platform developed around a flexible terminology model that can natively support all of the terminologies of the UMLS. This environment has loaders for RRF, RF2, Claml, OMOP, and Owl data files. It supports authoring (with classification), terminology integration, semantic searching, and other capabilities.

See our reference browser deployments at, and

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

We provide terminology browsers for international edition, US edition, and Veterinary editions of SNOMED CT.

Including a SNOMED-enabled terminology analytical engine for processing unstructured, semi-structured, or coded data into terminology-connected information (e.g. this is a general purpose system built on top of a terminology server).

We are pleased to announce that our FREE SNOMED browser has been updated to the 20230301 US Edition of SNOMED CT.

This tool is available for use now at

Browse SNOMED or programmatically interact with the API. Advanced search and display features, precomputed hierarchies, and more!

Scope of services

Analytics, Middleware, Clinical coding, Order sets

Regions where operational

Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, Europe, Global, South America, Middle East


Oakland, CA

Contact details

Brian Carlsen



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