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TermMed IT

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TermMed IT

Our involvement in healthcare informatics started in the early ’90s, focused on patient care, medical education and clinical investigation.

Soon we got aware about the challenges of information exchange between clinical information systems, and became involved in the development of interoperability standards with a focus on their application in Spanish-speaking environments.

In 1995 we agreed with the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to start translating SNOMED III into Spanish as a volunteer effort. This collaboration evolved with the translation of SNOMED RT and SNOMED CT, resulting in the publication of SNOMED CT Spanish Edition in 2004. We continued to maintain that edition on behalf of CAP until the IHTSDO obtained the rights to SNOMED CT International Edition (which included the Spanish version).

Now, we still collaborate in the maintenance of the Spanish translation as contractors to the IHTSDO, although in the last ten years the focus of our work has been the support of the content and technical processes involved in SNOMED CT International Edition maintenance.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

We develop tools to support terminology maintenance and implementation. In 2013 we developed for the IHTSDO the Official SNOMED CT Browser. termSpace, our SNOMED CT Authoring Environment is used to maintain the National Extensions in 3 National Release Centers, it's used to translate SNOMED CT to Spanish and by several private organizations that maintain SNOMED CT Extension.

Since 2002, we have created many tools and plugins used to maintain the International Edition of SNOMED CT and translations. We provide consulting for clinical terminology standards implementations. Design and maintenance of SNOMED CT Extensions, Terminology Servers, local terminology mappings.

Scope of services

Clinical coding, Middleware

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Barzana 2167 3er piso
Buenos Aires

Contact details

Guillermo Reynoso
+54 9 11 4197 0762

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