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SigmaMD is a comprehensive care management platform that revolutionizes the healthcare experience. It encompasses various features to address the needs of both clinicians and patients. For clinicians, SigmaMD streamlines workflows, reduces administrative burdens, and offers an AI-powered Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to combat physician burnout. For patients, SigmaMD provides an intuitive mobile app that simplifies healthcare by granting access to comprehensive health information and delivering human-centered care. The platform promotes data interoperability by integrating with Provider and Payer Patient Portals, facilitating seamless exchange and aggregation of health records. SigmaMD also enables convenient connections between patients and care providers through flexible payment options and offers price transparency, cost information, and financial planning tools for informed healthcare decisions. Additionally, SigmaMD leverages cutting-edge generative and conversational AI technologies to optimize decision-making, automate tasks, and improve patient outcomes.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

SigmaMD leverages SNOMED CT, to enhance the search, entry, and management of various healthcare elements within our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. SNOMED CT enables accurate representation and classification of problems, conditions, allergies, and procedures, providing a standardized and precise framework for capturing clinical data. By utilizing the SNOMED CT compendium, SigmaMD ensures the interoperability and semantic consistency of healthcare information, enabling seamless exchange and integration of patient data across different systems and healthcare settings. This integration empowers healthcare professionals to efficiently document and communicate patient conditions, treatments, and outcomes. With SNOMED CT, SigmaMD facilitates more accurate and comprehensive clinical decision support, data analysis, and research, ultimately enhancing patient care, safety, and healthcare system efficiency.

Scope of services

EMR, EHR, Telehealth, Chronic Disease, Clinical Documentation, Analytics

Regions where operational

North America

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2855 Kifer Rd Ste 230, 

Santa Clara, CA


United States

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