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Leading national interoperability provider, PHAST offers services aimed at improving healthcare data exchange.

PHAST provides metathesauri which bring together coded medical vocabularies to enable interoperability within healthcare information systems.

PHAST contributes to international efforts related to semantic interoperability and health data exchange standards. It sponsors the “Pathology and Laboratory Medicine” (PaLM) domain of IHE International, and is the correspondent of IHE to SNOMED for the IHE SNOMED CT free set. It contributes to various Work Groups of HL7 International, leads the introduction of new resources for order catalogs in the FHIR standard and is one of the primary editors of the International Patient Summary (IPS) standard. Phast also played a key role in the Trillium II Project funded by the European Commission to provide “International Patient Summary” standards in support to better patient care across borders.

Phast is chairing SNOMED International “French Translation Project Group”, which aims at a single French translation produced cooperatively by NRCs of French speaking member countries.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

PHAST encourages the creation of a more effective and interoperable French healthcare IT system by easing the integration and implementation of SNOMED CT into vendor applications.  As part of this strategy, PHAST has built a new service, IOct, to enable care institutions to encode their clinical information as SNOMED CT concepts in a way that can be processed automatically by their applications.

PHAST has brought a set of initiatives to support SNOMED CT implementation:

  • Translation of more than 5,000 SNOMED CT concepts.

  • Implementation of a French browser which makes possible for the healthcare professionals to explore the terminology online.

  • Production of interoperable metathesauri which include SNOMED CT content in the field of medication (IOmed),  medical devices (IOmd) and laboratory (IOlab) workflows.

  • Organization of training sessions for software vendors and healthcare institutions.

  • Creation of a FHIR terminology server, STS, which delivers terminologies like SNOMED CT and LOINC, as well as concept maps and value sets leveraging various international and national terminologies. STS supports a full implementation of the Expression Constraint Language (ECL) for defining SNOMED CT value sets by intension.

Scope of services

Clinical documentation, Drug, EHR, EMR, Lab, Order sets, Pharmacy

Regions where operational



25 rue du Louvre

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