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Nourish Care Systems LTD

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Nourish Care Systems LTD

Nourish Care Ltd are an electronic care planning provider. Offering a digital platform to record notes and monitor those within a social care setting. Nourish works with a whole range of care services, including but not limited to: Residential Nursing Homes, Large Care Groups, Learning Disability Services, Mental Health Services. 

The Nourish platform is both web and app based, and it’s main purpose is to allow carers to record at the point of care, thus eliminating the need for lengthy paper notes and the risk of inaccuracy and inconsistency amongst patient records. One of the most important outcomes of using Nourish is to allow carers to spend less time note taking, and more time providing face-to-face, person-centred care, and allowing carers to record, monitor and analyse the health of those they support much more intricately, to be able to provide them the best care possible.

What makes Nourish unique is that it is a truly flexible platform which can be configured to the needs and requirements of your care service. At Nourish, we know that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to care, which is why the Nourish team will work with you to customise the elements of your platform in a way that works for you, and most importantly, those you support. Recording notes via the Nourish platform allows you store all information in a central location, which can be accessed anywhere at any time, by anyone with the relevant permissions. This significantly reduces the risk of lost patient data, making it a simple and safe way for care teams to work efficiently.

With records that are secure and consistent, evidencing care becomes much more manageable and it provides transparency between care teams and managers on a daily basis.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

Within Nourish’s electronic care planning platform you can add new patient data such as medical conditions quickly and easily, via a searchable list. You can then track and monitor medical conditions, allergies and other important information with ease either via Nourish’s analytics feature, or in conjunction with other healthcare services.

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Analytics, Clinical documentation, EHR

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Third Floor, Dean Park House
8-10 Dean Park Crescent

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