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Dynaccurate SARL

Vendor Overview

Dynaccurate SARL

Dynaccurate provide 'match, map and manage' technologies for the automated management of clinical terminologies. In particular, our technology has been developed for SNOMED and SNOMED subset terminologies, for example the UK Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (more popularly known as dm+d). Our technologies allow for the rapid matching of SNOMED terms to local terminologies and vocabularies, allowing for explicit mappings between concepts so that alignment of legacy data to SNOMED can be rapidly realised. 

Furthermore, our AI technology manages an remapping which can be caused by updates to SNOMED or other terminologies which have been mapped to SNOMED. There is no limit to the mappings that can be incorporated using our tools. We can, therefore, provide a layer of technical and semantic interoperability at scale which can be referenced by multiple applications.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

We provide DyPharm and Dynaccurate AI as generic concept mapping and ontology management tools, optimised for SNOMED CT and dm+d. These are available as SAAS solutions and/or with API access, depending on your needs. Information from our applications can be expressed in FHIR format for full technical interoperability or via API. We also build parsers on request to assist you to ingest any necessary information.

Scope of services

Analytics, Clinical coding, Drug, Lab, Middleware, Pharmacy

Regions where operational

Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America

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