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BrainCraft is a software development and consulting company, specialized in solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

SNOMED CT is always at the center of our consulting services and product development. In Norway, SNOMED CT is used both as primary terminology and as reference terminology. The latter is essential when designing content intended for automated distribution to third-party systems. An example is Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in EMRs. By using SNOMED CT's mapping against other coding systems (such as ICD-10 and ICPC2), medical guidelines and recommendations can be semantically defined using one terminology, but understood by all software used in the Norwegian health service.

Based on SNOMED CT, Conteir has also provided content design for distribution of patient information to Norwegian authorities. This was the first service in Norway to use SNOMED CT.

Conteir offers training in SNOMED CT and helps our clients implement the terminology — conceptually, organizationally and technically. We also work closely with the Norwegian Release Center.

Scope of services

Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, EMR, Order sets

Regions where operational


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Contact details

Eirik Hafver Roenjum
CEO and senior advisor
+47 92 40 31 65

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