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Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Vendor Overview

Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

BITAC is a “clinical terminology for ehealth" company. 

We promote health knowledge development, unlocking the power of data through the use of standards. 

We work with the standards LOINC, ICD10, OMIM and SNOMED CT, providing automatic coding, semantic network and professional services through our SAAS platform, CTMAP, which works as a semantic hub.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

Consultancy services: designing governance models and policies for deployment of SNOMED CT as a reference terminology in a regional health interoperability region or healthcare organization, with heterogeneity in systems (for example, HIS, LIS, RIS), where other output terminologies coexist (for example, LOINC, ICD10, RXNORM, RADLEX). 

Building subsets for specific chronic conditions to be used in different digital health scenarios: remote patient monitoring / PHR/EHR / DSS related to clinical guidelines / biosurveillance networks.

Scope of services

Chronic disease, Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, Diagnostic imaging, Drug, EHR, EMR, Lab, Oncology, Pharmacy, Telehealth

Regions where operational

Europe, Global, North America, South America

Downloadable documents

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Contact details

Mireia Rodriguez Naque
Cofounder and Business Development manager
+34 64967209 /+34 935181351

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