Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO) is dedicated to powering care as intended, through a platform that is intelligent, intuitive, and intentional. Used by more than 4,500 hospitals and 500,000 physicians daily, IMO's clinical interface terminology (CIT) forms the foundation for healthcare enterprise needs including effective management of EHR problem lists, accurate documentation, and the mapping of over 2.4 million clinician-friendly terms across 24 different code systems, including ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM and SNOMED. IMO offers a portfolio of products that includes terminologies and value sets that are clinically vetted, always current, and maintenance-free.

This aligns to provider organizations’ missions, EHR platforms’ inherent power, and the evolving vision of the healthcare industry while ensuring accurate care documentation and administrative codes. So clinicians can get back to being clinicians, health systems can get reimbursed, and patients can more easily engage in their own care. As intended.

SNOMED CT enabled solutions

IMO Core, which includes Problem (IT) Terminology, is a clinical interface terminology supporting diagnostic workflows, such as problem list management. The terminology contains expressions that clinicians want to use for documenting encounter diagnoses, problem lists, and past medical history / Contains maps to SNOMED CT, MeSH, and the UMLS / Represent terms in both hierarchical and semantic classifications.

Scope of services

Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, EHR

Regions where operational

Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, North America


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Andy Kanter
Chief Medical Officer