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American Medical Association

American Medical Association

Clinical partner

The American Medical Association (AMA) and SNOMED International have a collaborative agreement to coordinate on the design and development of their respective coding and terminology products. 

The AMA works collaboratively alongside other leading standards-development organizations (SDOs) like SNOMED International to advance our mutual missions to seek the clear and timely exchange of clinical information across health systems as part of our pursuit of safe, effective and patient-driven health care.

Additional information

AMA and SNOMED International have been collaborating since 2016 on strengthening our global relationship and developing our respective coding and terminology solutions, SNOMED CT and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set. Both organizations believe that an increasingly common medical language elevates the potential for more research and better health outcomes throughout the globe. 

Working in tandem, the collaboration allows for the continued improvement of content to better support existing and emerging uses of health data globally.

Press releases:

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