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AMA and SNOMED International announce the validation of new SNOMED CT and CPT cross maps

March 28, 2022

The American Medical Association (AMA) and SNOMED International announce the validation of the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) to SNOMED CT® cross maps. This validation exercise is the latest in a series of steps to enhance the bi-directional, rules-based cross maps that deliver better data transparency to enable heath systems to pinpoint efficiencies along care pathways and optimize resource utilization management to achieve better health outcomes.

Tighter integration of the AMA’s CPT® to SNOMED CT brings the power of two global medical terminologies to health systems seeking to gain resource utilization insights, administration analytics and physician compensation data linkage to their clinical documentation.  Health systems deploying SNOMED CT will be able to leverage these connections to CPT content and unlock answers from their onslaught of complex clinical data more easily.

The collaboration between AMA and SNOMED International aims to improve integration between the CPT and SNOMED CT terminologies by producing solutions for governments, hospitals, clinical practices, researchers and other stakeholders to help organize and utilize healthcare data better. As both terminologies continue to evolve to keep pace with modern medicine, they agree that an increasingly common medical language elevates the potential for even more medical innovation around the globe.  

The AMA and SNOMED International plan is to continue make health data enhancements to support medical innovation and use-case changes.  Both organizations encourage health care stakeholders to join our conversation to share the new ideas, to explore new data paths and to evaluate how the combined terminologies can be used best to drive more value to their health care systems.

“Health systems as a whole, require health-related data standards that are credible, comprehensive, and developed using collaborative, rigorous, and evidence-based processes,” said the AMA’s Lori Prestesater, Vice President of Health Solutions. “The AMA’s collaboration with SNOMED supports the shift to digitization and will help the healthcare industry optimize resources and increase efficiencies as it works towards achieving better patient outcomes, and improved patient and clinician experiences, all at a lower cost.”

“As we continue to observe, there are many moving parts to achieving optimal information flow, data quality, and user satisfaction across regional, national and international healthcare systems,” offers Don Sweete, SNOMED International CEO. “Fulfilling a strategic objective to facilitate and integrate terminology standards and classifications, our ongoing mapping and validation activities with AMA is a prime example of two organizations working together to enhance and streamline the health and care ecosystem for the benefit of users and care recipients.”

Both organizations are dedicated to the pursuit of unambiguous exchange of clinical information.  Together, they seek to address the health system’s emerging need for greater integration in support of interoperability as well as health and resource data analytics.

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