Each Member is entitled to be represented by an individual in SNOMED International’s General Assembly. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the organization and can make binding decisions regarding all matters. Members play a critical governance role through the approval of the organization's budget and strategy.

The Management Board has overall responsibility for the management and direction of SNOMED International. The Management Board, and each Director individually, has a duty to act in a manner which they reasonably believes is in the best interests of the Association. Though elected by the General Assembly, Management Board Directors do not represent their countries.


Member Forum

The Member Forum is an advisory body to the organization, whose role is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the Members, provide Member priorities for all new and proposed SNOMED International projects and products, and promote learning from shared experiences. It promotes consultation and communication at an operational level between SNOMED International and Members.

Member Forum representatives will ideally be knowledgeable about all operational and business aspects of the Member’s national release center and have open communications channels with their General Assembly Representative. Structurally, the Member Forum advises the Management Board, but it also has strong ties to the working levels of the organization.

Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups (AGs) conduct specific activities that contribute to the fulfillment of the Management Team’s responsibilities and the organization’s mandate. The AGs are chaired by Management Team members and are agile in nature, given the changing needs and direction of the organization.

Vendor Liaison Forum

The Vendor Liaison Forum also advises the Management Board and allows vendors to provide input into SNOMED CT development, release and implementation.

Articles of association

Arrangements for governance of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (trading as SNOMED International) and SNOMED CT are specified in the IHTSDO Articles of Association.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is SNOMED International's highest authority. The General Assembly ensures that the purpose, objects and principles of the Association are pursued and that the interests of the organization are safeguarded. The General Assembly can make binding decisions regarding all matters relating to SNOMED International, subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Articles.

General Assembly

Rodrigo Kreiner Argentina
Herbert Down Australia
Stefan Sabutsch Austria
Tom Van Renterghem Belgium 
TBD Brunei
Michael Green Canada
Jorge Pacheco Chile
Vasos Scoutellas Cyprus
Irena Rubešová Czech Republic
Jakob Due Denmark
William Hoyos Arango El Salvador
Kerli Linna   Estonia
Juha Mykkänen Finland
Stefanie Weber Germany
Lydia Shum Hong Kong, China
Guðrún Auður Harðardóttir Iceland
Lav Agarwal India
Niall Sinnott Ireland
Boaz Lev Israel
Omar I Ayesh Jordan
Beibut Yessenbayev Kazakhstan
Martynas Bieliauskas Lithuania
Raffaella Vaccaroli Luxembourg
Nuraidah binti Marzuki Malaysia
Hugo Agius-Muscat Malta
Herko Coomans Netherlands
Alastair Kenworthy New Zealand
Alfhild Stokke (VICE CHAIR) Norway
Cátia Sousa Pinto  Portugal
Anahit Avanesyan Republic of Armenia
Byeon Nam Soo Republic of Korea
Alen Vrecko Republic of Slovenia
Waleed Albahli Saudi Arabia
Daniel Li Singapore
Pavol Rieger  Slovak Republic
Belén Delgado Spain
Johanna Åström Sweden
Pero Grgic Switzerland
Boonchai Kijsanayotin Thailand
Alex Elias (CHAIR) United Kingdom
Dianne Babski United States
Maria Pía González Uruguay

General Assembly Minutes

Meeting minutes from Open General Assembly proceedings:

Management Board

The Management Board has overall responsibility for the management and direction of SNOMED International. The Management Board, and each Director individually, has a duty to act in a manner which they reasonably believe is in the best interests of the organization and is consistent with the pursuit and the protection of our purpose, objects and principles. 

Joanne Burns, Chair

Joanne Burns has held leadership roles with Cerner, the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation and Stanford University Medical Center. Ms. Burns has extensive experience setting up and leading governance boards and received Program Certification in “Women on Boards” from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health in 2016.

Joanne has served as a Management Board Director to SNOMED International since April 2017 and was appointed Management Board Chair in September 2020.

Isabelle de Zegher

Dr. Isabelle de Zegher, previously Vice President, Integrated Solutions, at Parexel Informatics, recently left her corporate career to found a start-up that is developing an AI-based solution empowering individuals to curate their personal data.  Dr. de Zegher offers extensive board and advisory experience across a variety of EU initiatives, including with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry.  A member of the Health Level Seven (HL7) Technical Committee for nearly a decade, Dr. de Zegher also serves on the Board of Directors of CDISC, the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, a standards development organization seeking to create clarity in the clinical research domain.

Michael Lewis

Professor Michael Lewis, has 30 years global health industry experience, and among other roles, is currently Chair of five medical and contract research organizations as well as digital health companies. Professor Lewis has previously held a series of senior roles at various European companies focused on pharma, biotech, digital, dental, devices and diagnostics.  Professor Lewis is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events on digital health-focused topics such as mental health, investment and innovation.

Matic Meglic

Dr. Meglic is the Head of Customer Solutions Europe, Novartis Pharma. Dr. Meglic has been a contributor to EU public health informatics as CIO, Slovene National Institute of Public Health and coordinator of the key EU ePublicHealth policy project PARENT. Dr. Meglic has also served as Co-chair of epSOS Steering Board and actively contributed to a number of other EU semantic interoperability initiatives.

Gong Mengchun

Dr. Gong joined the area of applied medical informatics since 2015 and now works as the Distinguished Professor in the Institute of Health Management, Southern Medical University, China. Dr. Gong took charge of the National Rare Diseases Registry System of China (www.nrdrs.org.cn) as the executive director from 2016 to 2019, and has been a pioneer in rare disease research and patient advocacy in China. His research focus covers medical terminology/ontology, precision medical informatics, rare diseases and orphan drugs development and health technology assessment (HTA). He is actively engaged with international academic societies and holds the positions including the Diagnostic Science Committee member of IRDiRC (www.irdirc.org) , the Member-at-Large of the Global Health Informatics Workgroup of AMIA (www.amia.org), the Medical Informatics Consultant of the National Children’s Care Center/Fudan University Children’s Hospital and the member of the executive committee of the Chinese Association of Bioinformatics. 

Andrew Roddam

Dr Andrew Roddam is currently the CEO of the UK Early Disease Detection Research Project.  An internationally renowned epidemiologist, Andrew has held a wide range of roles across both academia and the pharmaceutical industry, principally focused on the application of epidemiological methods to advance the understanding of human disease.  He has a strong interest in health informatics and is an experienced board member within the UK and internationally who regularly participates at international meetings and conferences as a keynote speaker.

Member Forum

The Member Forum acts as an advisory body to SNOMED International and optimizes collaboration and coordination among Member countries. It is co-chaired by an elected representative of the Member Forum along with a co-chair from SNOMED International.

Member Forum Representatives

Marina Zanetti and Guillermo Reynoso Argentina
Kate Ebrill and Linde Martin Australia
Stefan Sabutsch and Stephan Rainer-Sablatnig Austria
Katrien Scheerlinck and Ingrid Mertens Belgium
TBA Brunei
Linda Parisien and Andrea MacLean Canada
TBA Chile
Vasos Scoutellas Cyprus
Irena Rubešová and Miroslav Zvolský Czech Republic
Camilla Wiberg Danielsen and Louise Bie Denmark
Herber Hernandez Trejo El Salvador
Krista Kärt and Rutt Lindström Estonia
Jonna Salonen and Mikko Härkönen Finland
Christine Haas and Frank Geier Germany
Lydia Shum and Maggie Lau Hong Kong, China
Gudrun Audur Hardardottir and Ingi Steinar Ingason Iceland
Gaur Sunder and Manisha Mantri India
Theresa Barry (co-chair) Ireland
Yael Applbaum Israel
Afnan Jebril Jordan
Beibut Yessenbayev and Gulnara Akhmetova Kazakhstan
Martynas Bieliauskas and Kristina Dienine Lithuania
Olivier Lepanto Luxembourg
Muhammad Naufal Bin Nordin and Ahmad Aqram bin Rusli Malaysia
Hugo Agius-Muscat Malta
Elze de Groot and Chantal Schiltmeijer Netherlands
Alastair Kenworthy and Tracy Thompson New Zealand
Jørn Andre Jørgensen and Trine Angelskår Norway
Filipe Mealha and Sara Russo Portugal
Ruzanna Movsisyan and Kristina Sargsyan​ Republic of Armenia
Park, Hyeoun-Ae and Hwang, Hee Republic of Korea
Alen Vrecko Republic of Slovenia
TBC Saudi Arabia
Adele Lee and Wong Jing Jing Singapore
Monika Geletová and Eva Sabajová Slovak Republic
Esther Prieto and Marta Pavón Spain
Lotti Barlow and Erica Culp Sweden
Pero Grgic and Annatina Foppa Switzerland
Rath Panyowat Thailand
Paul Wright United Kingdom
Patrick McLaughlin and Nick McGraw United States
Rossana Occhiuzzi and Betania Arispe Uruguay


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