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Watch the Demo! Powering clinical data analytics with SNOMED CT

January 28, 2019

Building on data capture at the point of care, one of the prime uses of SNOMED CT is to enable clinical data analytics. SNOMED CT enables the full benefits of EHRs to be achieved through effective retrieval and reuse of clinical information. In industry, we use the term 'analytics' to describe the discovery of meaningful information from health care data.

Why is this critical in today’s global health care environment? The discovery of this meaningful data harvests benefits for patients through to the larger health system. Analytics are used to describe, predict and improve clinical and business performance, and to recommend action or guide patient decision making across health systems globally. Particularly for our Members, analytics guide change and decision making within our health systems.

To demonstrate how this is enhanced with clinical terminology, SNOMED International clinical engagement leads, Dr.’s Peter Hendler and Charles Gutteridge, set the stage with a SNOMED CT introduction before delivering a demonstration solving a hands-on clinical dilemma enabled by SNOMED CT, and using simulated clinical data.

Data analytics is arguably the most significant revolution in health care in the last decade and an effective means by which to assess individual health information and provide the most personalized, most effective care.

Additional guidance on Data Analytics with SNOMED CT is available for your review. To discuss the demonstration in more detail and to learn how you can similarly enable analytics with SNOMED CT within your health care environment, contact us.

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