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SNOMED International Release Validation Framework is now Open-Source

March 2, 2017

The SNOMED International Release Validation Framework (RVF) is now open-source and openly available and accessible for use.

The RVF is an extremely useful tool for validating SNOMED CT RF2 packages – SNOMED International is open-sourcing the RVF in order to allow people to extend it as they require for their own purposes.  Non-standard packages (such as translated content), therefore, will need additional assertions adding by the user in order to validate all scenarios.

Please see the following Github repository for the Readme file, which provides details of what prerequisites you will require to have installed, and instructions on how to create and configure a local instance of the RVF:

Once installed, you can access full instructions for using the RVF API, which will be available in local Swagger documentation. 

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