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SNOMED International establishes a new User Support Reference Group to support and address SNOMED CT implementation

January 18, 2019

With use of SNOMED CT on the rise internationally, SNOMED International has responded to requests for implementation support with the creation of the User Support Reference Group.

The purpose of the Group is three-fold:

  1. To identify implementation issues and discuss resolutions

  2. To enable discussion on implementation best practices and user perspectives about SNOMED CT implementation.

  3. To provide a channel for a more proactive and responsive support. 

Geared at SNOMED CT Implementation course graduates, Member country representatives, advanced end users, and vendors, the User Support Reference Group will collect and better understand user’s implementation experiences with the goal of developing potential solutions.

Scheduled to meet on a quarterly basis, the agenda of the reference group will be topic based in nature and place emphasis on user presentations. The group’s scope will include implementation use cases and techniques, release updates, and other topics such as maintenance, natural language processing, and data analytics, etc. The SNOMED International Education Team will provide education guidance to the group as requested.

Interested in Participating? The User Support Reference Group will hold an overview webinar at 11:00 UTC on 28. February. Register for the webinar on the User Support Reference Group Confluence page.

For more information on the User Support Reference Group, contact

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