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SNOMED CT entirely translated into Dutch and French by Belgian NRC

September 17, 2020

Various stakeholders in the Belgian healthcare sector have been expressing their need to quickly access as many translated SNOMED CT terms as possible, both in Dutch and French. To respond to this need, the Belgian National Release Centre has, since the end of 2019, made one or more Dutch and French translation(s) available for each SNOMED CT concept that can be  accessed through a local platform.

These translations were compiled from various reputable sources. They have not yet been completely included in the validated Belgian Extension because they have not yet gone through the entire quality assurance process. With this project, stakeholders have the opportunity to consult or to use the complete translation in a test environment. Their feedback to the National Release Centre (NRC) will be used to further correct or validate the translations. 

As well, the Belgian NRC is now releasing the alpha version of all translations as a separate "product." This Belgian Alpha Release will be released shortly after the official Belgian Extension in an RF2-format in September and will be available for download through Belgium’s Member Licensing and Distribution Service.

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