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Revamped SNOMED CT Foundation Course offers exciting new learning tools and techniques

June 21, 2022

By Liara Tutina and the Education & Product Support Team

SNOMED International recently updated its SNOMED CT Foundation course that provides an introduction to a broad range of SNOMED CT related topics, including the why, what and how of SNOMED CT. SNOMED International’s Liara Tutina, Education Lead & Customer Relations Executive Asia and Pacific along with members of the Education and Product Support team, including Jon Zammit, Anne Højen, Ian Spiers and Louise Jones, have also contributed to this blog.

Q: What prompted the update to the Foundation course?

E&PS: The original Foundation course was the first we offered via our e-learning platform. Created in 2014, it was very much in need of an update, both in terms of content and branding. We also wanted to simplify and shorten the course and make it appeal to a broader audience. 

Q: What is new and exciting about it?

E&PS: Most importantly, the content has been updated to reflect the current state of SNOMED CT. In addition, the format of the course and the look and feel has been modernized. The course has been shortened and now uses a lesson-based approach and exercises designed to help the learner,  in addition to introducing videos to deliver the content.

Q: Who should consider taking this course? 

E&PS: Anyone who is interested in beginning their journey of learning about SNOMED CT. No prior knowledge of SNOMED CT is needed.   

Q: What topics are covered?

E&PS: The content has been grouped into three categories or modules: A) Introduction to SNOMED CT; B) Design and Implementation; and C) Customization. Within each category, there are more granular topics.

Q: What kind of learning activities are included?

E&PS: There are three modules; each has three lessons and a practical exercise. At the end of the course, there is a final assessment.


Q: What do you get upon completing the course (e.g., certificate of completion)?

E&PS: A course certificate and eligibility to enrol in our more advanced courses. 


Q: How does this course prepare you for additional SNOMED CT education? 

E&PS: The SNOMED CT Foundation Course is a prerequisite for the more advanced SNOMED CT courses. It provides the student with foundational knowledge to build upon. From here, one can learn more about implementation, terminology authoring and terminology services.

Q: Does it cost anything to take?

E&PS: The course is free for users in Member countries and territories. Otherwise, there is a $400 fee.

Q: Where can people find more information?

E&PS: Register and enrol at From here, consult the Foundation Course Guide.

Q: Has the Spanish language version also been updated?

E&PS: No, not at this point in time. We’ll assess this new format based on feedback from our students for input into any future course updates. 

For additional information, please reach out to the Education Team at 

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