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Poland adopts SNOMED CT as part of its digital health transformation

June 14, 2023

SNOMED International and the Republic of Poland are pleased to announce that the Central European nation has rejoined SNOMED International, now a vibrant community of 46 Members globally. A country of almost 38 million, Poland has the sixth largest economy in the European Union by GDP. 

Poland will be represented at SNOMED International by the country’s Centrum e-Zdrowia (e-Health Centre), which implements IT projects that are key to the functioning of the healthcare system in Poland. The e-Health Centre is also responsible for carrying out tasks related to building an information society. It creates digital services and solutions that support the work of medical professionals and facilitate the management of health matters for citizens.

Poland’s umbrella document Healthy Future Strategy framework for the development of the health system for 2021-2027, with an outlook to 2030 highlights the strategy the country is employing to advance its healthcare system and sets new principles, objectives and priorities for the economic, social, health and spatial development of its citizens. One of those priorities is the development and dissemination of digital eHealth services, driven most recently by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the desire to improve patient lives and health outcomes more broadly. 

The renewed adoption of SNOMED CT in Poland will also support the realization of another key element of that strategy – ensuring that medical professionals are able to electronically document and easily share patient data.

Ensuring semantic interoperability is crucial for further development of e-Health in Poland, including, for example, implementation of artificial intelligence solutions in healthcare. The implementation and use of SNOMED CT will enhance the decision support capabilities of medical professionals in real time and enable the suggestion of clinical decisions based on expert knowledge bases, including illness prevention and early prediction of patient health, which will result in a higher quality of medical services provided and more effective management of the healthcare system.

SNOMED International CEO Don Sweete hails Poland’s membership as a significant commitment to Poland’s national health system, as well as interoperability across the European Union. “We are thrilled to have Poland on board again,” he says. “Poland’s long history and familiarity with SNOMED CT positions it well to implement the clinical terminology and encourage its adoption throughout the country by medical practitioners, healthcare delivery organizations, researchers, software vendors and other stakeholders, all of whom will have unrestricted access to the terminology.”

Click here to visit Poland's SNOMED International Member page.

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