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Building the Business Case for SNOMED CT

November 3, 2014

IHTSDO announces the release of a new study to help current and prospective Members of IHTSDO build the business case for national SNOMED CT adoption and IHTSDO membership.

Membership and national use of SNOMED CT have a number of advantages in terms of reduced costs and improved care, such as:

  • Cost savings in terminology development, licensing fees, and transcription costs of mapping to ICD or other coding systems;

  • Reductions in inappropriate or duplicate testing

  • Reduction in adverse drug events

  • Improved management of key disease groups, such as cardiac care and oncology

Encoded health information and decision support tools enable these benefits. Consistently codified information enables comparison, exchange and reuse throughout the healthcare system.  Therefore, an open SNOMED CT-based ecosystem presents an opportunity for exponential increases in benefits.

To learn more about these benefits and about how to build the business case for sustaining and expanding investments in SNOMED CT to drive your health system improvements, please see the executive summary presentation and the complete report.

Download PDF • 4.65MB

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