Clinical Web Series

The Clinical Web Series is a collection of monthly, 90 minute webinars where clinicians working with SNOMED CT share their real-world experiences. Attendees will gain a greater insight into the work of clinicians using SNOMED CT in their practice.

Registration is open to all and there is no cost to attend.

Upcoming Clinical Webinars

August 5, 2020 (19:00-20:30 UTC)


Ian McNicoll
Co-Chair, openEHR Foundation
The use of SNOMED CT in openEHR data models

Peter Hendler
SNOMED International Clinical Lead, Americas
Leveraging SNOMED CT functionality to support analytics, focusing on COVID-19

The focus of the presentations are the clinical application of SNOMED CT, focusing specifically on it's use in openEHR and the use of SNOMED CT to support clinical analytics using COVID-19 as an example use case.

Further details can be found here: 2020-08-05 - Clinical Webinar

Past Clinical Webinars

April 9, 2020

Gain insight into the experiences of developing SNOMED CT for clinical based use cases.

Discussion items:
  1. Introduction               
  2. Experiences of the Belgium SNOMED Consortium          
  3. French Translation Project Group – clinical experiences
  4. Questions                    
  5. Future clinical webinars

May 6, 2020


  • To provide an overview and report on experiences from the One London project
  • To discus the experiences of using SNOMED CT for clinical analytics with a Cerner hospital implementation
Discussion items:
  1. Introduction               
  2. One London project update         
  3. Using SNOMED CT for analytics - experiences from a Cerner system user                       
  4. Questions                    
  5. Future clinical webinars

June 3, 2020


Karen Horridge (Disability Paediatrician - Sunderland & Chair, British Academy of Childhood Disability)

Using SNOMED-CT to articulate and make visible the multifaceted needs of disabled children: an opportunity to improve outcomes?

Srdan Prodanovic (Owner of ezDerm)

SNOMED in EZDERM - supporting dermatology requirements

The webinar provided the opportunity to view how SNOMED CT is being used to support clinicians. The presentations provided insight into the approaches taken, and gave an opportunity for discussion on the specific topic areas and the broader topic of clinical engagement.

July 1, 2020


  • Riki Merrick, Lead terminologist, Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)
  • Dr Wai Keong Wong, Chief Research Information Officer, Consultant Haematologist, University College London Hospital.

The focus of the presentations was the clinical application of SNOMED CT, focusing specifically on its use in public health and clinical research, and it drew upon the implementation experiences of both presenters

Discussion items:

  1. Welcome
  2. Standardized and complete Specimen details in the specimen cross-mapping table - Riki Merrick 
  3. Deployment of the research candidate identification tool - Dr Wai Keong Wong
  4. Questions/discussion
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Research Web Series

The Research Web Series is a collection of monthly, 60 minute webinars presented by distinguished researchers from the SNOMED CT community. The webinars showcase current research involving SNOMED CT.  

Registration is open to all and there is no cost to attend.

Upcoming Research Webinars

August 20, 2020 (1:00-2:00 UTC)

Presenter: Dr Hyeoun-Ae Park

Dr Hyeoun-Ae Park is the Emeritus Dean and a Professor at the College of Nursing and a Researcher at the Systems Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Seoul National University and previously served as President of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).  Dr. Park is a champion for use of standardized terminologies and vocabularies and detailed clinical models in electronic health records. Her recent work involves healthcare big data analytics investigating ways to predict the occurrence of patient safety problems such as fall, pressure ulcer, and adverse drug reactions.

Past Research Webinars

May 20, 2020

SNOMED CT and research – why should the SNOMED community and the research community care?

Speaker: Dr. Olivier Bodenreider

SNOMED CT offers a rich domain of application to informatics researchers interested in biomedical terminologies. However, research involving SNOMED CT is often performed independently from the SNOMED community. While standards development is generally anchored in pragmatism, Dr. Bodenreider explains how the SNOMED community would benefit from further engaging terminology researchers in the development and evaluation of SNOMED CT.

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June 17, 2020

Dr. Hoa Ngo presented: Can Wikipedia (and NLP) Be Used to Derive an Open Clinical Terminology?

Clinical terminologies play an essential role in enabling semantic interoperability between medical records. However, existing terminologies have several issues that impact data quality, such as content gaps and slow updates. This presentation highlighted recent work exploring the suitability of existing, community-driven resources, such as Wikipedia, as a potential source to bootstrap open clinical terminologies for content coverage.

About Dr Hoa Ngo

Hoa Ngo is a Research Scientist at CSIRO.  He completed his Bachelor and Master of science degrees at the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University in Russia.  And he completed his PhD at the University Montpellier II, Science and Technology in France.  Currently his work focuses on health informatics with an emphasis on natural language processing and pattern recognition and data mining.  

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July 15, 2020

Dr. Ronald Cornet presents: SNOMED CT - OWL in a FAIR web of data.

Now that the OWL format provides the “source of truth” of the semantics of SNOMED CT concepts, the challenge lies in reaping the benefits of using these concepts in a semantic web of healthcare data.  In this way, SNOMED can drive interoperability, a key aspect of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data. This webinar will present principles, practice, pitfalls, and potential of this FAIR semantic web approach.

About Dr. Ronald Cornet

Ronald Cornet holds a position as associate professor at the department of Medical Informatics in the Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Amsterdam UMC (Academic Medical Center) - University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on semantic interoperability, both from a technical and a users' point of view, including natural language processing.

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Future presenters

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