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The Dutch representative to SNOMED International is the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has assigned the responsibility to Nictiz – the National IT Institute for Health care in the Netherlands - to act as the point of contact for SNOMED CT developments and licenses, thus demonstrating the National Release Centre.

Nictiz is the national competence centre for standardisation and eHealth. The National Contact Point forms the core of electronic communications in the sector, which is managed by Nictiz. Any authorized healthcare practitioner can be connected to the switch point so that he or she can obtain the latest and most relevant information about a patient at any time, from anywhere in the Netherlands and in a simple, secure and reliable way. In consultation with and at the request of the healthcare sector, Nictiz is continuously developing and refining national standards for electronic communications in health care. Furthermore, Nictiz supports the sector in developing functional IT solutions that can be used nationwide, and contributes to policy making on IT issues as they relate to healthcare on a national and international level.

Nictiz coordinates the Netherlands’ participation in and contribution to SNOMED International activities. Nictiz furthermore coordinates a national program aimed at increasing and stimulating the awareness, knowledge, practices and use of SNOMED CT. For healthcare organizations and companies inside the Netherlands Nictiz acts as the National Release Centre for SNOMED CT (sub-)licenses.

As the IHTSDO National Release Centre of the Netherlands, Nictiz is responsible for distributing and managing SNOMED CT® in the Netherlands, and will develop and maintain content specific to the Netherlands. For more information about the activities and service provided by Nictiz please visit the website at or send your request to


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