What is the Global Patient Set?

The Global Patient Set (GPS) will be a controlled collection, or flat list, of existing SNOMED CT coded concepts and reference sets available to users at no cost. The Set will be comprised of unique concept identifiers and accompanying single descriptions for a set collection of clinical terms.
The GPS excludes SNOMED CT’s inherent relationships and hierarchies; fundamental to the nature of an ontology and its ability to enable clinical data analytics, decision support, artificial intelligence, etc.

Within the Global Patient Set, concept synonyms and definitions are not provided and SNOMED International will elect to provide the United States preferred term.

Why release a Global Patient Set?

SNOMED International is releasing the GPS to enable use of structured clinical data without barriers, thus supporting conditions for interoperability.

For some users, it may provide a starting point for migration to the use of SNOMED CT. For countries considering Membership in SNOMED International, the Global Patient Set will allow for controlled exposure and use of SNOMED CT without requiring initial investment.

Next steps

Over the coming months, SNOMED International will formalize the steps and due diligence required to make the GPS offering available for release September 1, 2019.

Throughout this period, SNOMED International will continue to define the Global Patient Set, from content through to its release and maintenance approach.

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