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Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency

Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency

Standards Partner

In 2012, SNOMED International and Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency (GMDNA), the organization responsible for the international Global Medical Device Nomenclature© (GMDN), signed a 5 year Cooperation Agreement. A key focus of the Agreement was to exchange, harmonize and incorporate medical device term descriptions from each other to enhance the end-to-end patient risk and safety use cases in healthcare systems incorporating medical device information.

Additional information

Initial work was the incorporation of relevant GMDN© content into SNOMED CT and production of a map from SNOMED CT to GMDN©. As part of ongoing maintenance, new content continues to be included in each SNOMED CT International release, with the SNOMED CT to GMDN© map also updated inline with these releases.

Emerging requirements are the need to link EHR information about medical devices to regulation and any safety issues. Globally, medical device regulators are introducing rules governing unique device identification (UDI). As a result, it is important for SNOMED International to understand its stakeholder requirements for medical device content and its relationship with GMDN© and other medical device nomenclatures as medical device regulation is updated across the world.

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