SNOMED CT tooling

SNOMED International designs, develops and supports a wide range of tools and services primarily to support the production of International and Spanish Editions of SNOMED CT, and to help the adoption of SNOMED CT with open source software.

The services offered cover online tools to request, author and distribute SNOMED CT content. While some of the platforms are only used by SNOMED International staff, others, including the Reference Set and Translation tool are available to be used by the SNOMED CT community.

Some of the key tools are listed further down this page.

Software development

The implementation of SNOMED CT into systems is key to the growing adoption of SNOMED CT. To help this, all the source code for the tools and services developed by SNOMED International are made available under the Apache v2 open source license.

Along with a licensed copy of a SNOMED CT edition, these can be used by your development teams to incorpocate SNOMED CT into your systems. In our open source repositories, you can find useful code libraries, examples of using SNOMED CT, and the source to all of our tools, including the popular SNOMED CT Browser and examples SNOMED CT Terminology Servers.

Software & Tooling Factsheet

SNOMED International offers a wide range of software and tools to use and work with SNOMED CT, as well as supporting a growing community of developers.

The SNOMED CT Browser

The SNOMED International SNOMED CT browser provides ways to browse and search different SNOMED CT Editions from SNOMED International and its Member countries.

The SNOMED CT browser is provided to anyone to use for reference purposes.

Managed service

The Managed Service was created to provide an online service that would allow SNOMED International Members to manage and distribute a release of a SNOMED CT local extension from start to finish in simple, standard manner. The Managed Service was designed to provide a value for money, off the shelf service for SNOMED International Members, benefitting from the use of a shared platform.

The Managed Service provides a fully hosted service with:

  • access to SNOMED International technical and content staff for support;
  • use of the SNOMED CT Authoring Platform and the Reference Set & Translation tool;
  • validation, release and distribution of SNOMED CT local extensions twice a year.

If you are interested in getting more information on the SNOMED International Managed Service, please contact your local CSRM representative.