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IN2 Ingeniería de la Información

Vendor Overview

IN2 Ingeniería de la Información

IN2 is an ICT consulting company with more than 22 years of experience, close to 100 engineers and nearly a 6 million euro turnover, expert in the implementation of e-health solutions based on Open Source technologies. At IN2 we work to build systems focused on patients, which enable the clinical-care information to be integrated and exploited in a way that helps professionals to prevent, enhance and customize treatments and patient’s’ life quality, and, “empowers” them in managing their own health. IN2 is carrying out Health organizational, semantic and technical interoperability projects in several countries like Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica. Our main clients include Catalonia Public Health Department, Catalan Public Health Service and the Catalan Government Hospital and Insurance Public Service Provider.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

IN2 Health Codification is a tool based on SNOMED CT, designed to improve the quality of data in healthcare organizations by structuring the clinical language in SNOMED CT nodes that are collected in the EHR. Facilitates encoding by the professional: - Easy-to-use interface - Close to the natural language of professional - Search for diagnoses and procedures - Supports multiple taxonomies (CIE-9, CIE-10, CIE-0-3) Learning - Supervised learning and automatic learning - Training mode Integration - HIS interface integration through webservices - Automatic encoding of HIS episodes. - Integration of users through SingleSignOn Mapping among taxonomies Others - Support for the communication between healthcare professionals and encoders.

Scope of services

Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, EHR, EMR, Middleware, Telehealth

Regions where operational

Europe, South America

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Alfonso XII Building
Travessera de Gràcia 73-79 Àtic

Contact details

Mónica Trastoy
Healthcare IT Consultant

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