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Health Informatics

Vendor Overview

Health Informatics

Our mission is to Promote Health Informatics Excellence in Pakistan. We are Pakistani health informaticians working around the world and have established this centre for the purpose of promoting best practices for implementing eHealth.

We work directly with our clients through resident staff in 11 countries and specialize in Healthcare, Emergency Services Command & Control Systems, Enterprise Mobile Apps and Geo Spatial Systems. With over 300 experienced Software Developers and Project Managers we are able to undertake complex enterprise product development globally.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

  • Indici - Primary Care


  • CareMonX™ EMS Suite- Electronic Patient Care Reporting & Data Management Solution

  • CareMonX™CAD- Emergency Dispatch

  • Vivasta - Enhanced Independent Living

  • MIA - Major Incident Alerting

  • PROMMS - Professional Membership Management System

  • Exaro Script - Digital Pen Technology

  • HazIT - Waste Disposal Management System

  • BizNav - Empowering Your Business Process

Scope of services

Analytics, Chronic disease, Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, Diagnostic imaging, Drug, EHR, EMR, Lab, Middleware, Oncology, Order sets, Pharmacy, Telehealth

Regions where operational

Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America

Downloadable documents

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Centre for Health Informatics Pakistan
Zaraj Housing Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact details

Abdul Rauf
Assistant Director Project

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