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Core Consultoria e Serviços Ltda

Vendor Overview

Core Consultoria e Serviços Ltda

C-DAC is the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas including Health Informatics. C-DAC has today emerged as a premier R&D organization in IT&E (Information Technologies and Electronics) in the country working on strengthening national technological capabilities in the context of global developments in the field and responding to change in the market need in selected foundation areas.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

C-DAC’s Toolkit for SNOMED CT (CSNOtk) is specially designed toolkit for easy access and integration of SNOMED CT in health care applications. CSNOtk provides simple to use suite of tools for SNOMED CT database integration, term/state/semantic tag based search as well as ready to use jQuery based custom control for SNOMED CT UI enablement. This toolkit enables clinicians and researchers to find out relevant SNOMED CT codes with their synonyms, fully specified names and different types of relationship between concepts.

The salient features of the CSNOtk include:

  • Easy to use Object Oriented API for search, suggest, lookup and explore

  • SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Mapping API

  • Facility for import and search from the reference sets

  • Easy to use embed jQuery based custom controls

  • Apache Lucene engine based full-text search

  • Ready to use SNOMED CT web service

  • Automates database and Lucene index creation from the SNOMED CT release files

  • Feature rich SNOMED CT browser

The developed CSNOtk can help OEM involved in the manufacturing of medical and pro-medical devices, ISV building applications used in medical and healthcare domains, and Software Vendors that make applications or systems that require supporting medical informatics and IT standards. For study and research in area of medical data capture, storage, transmission, visualization, etc., Health Informatics Professional will also need the CSNOtk in order to interact with medical systems. Moreover, with the help of search service in CSNOtk, Doctors and Clinicians will find it easy to use SNOMED CT in their practice. The CSNOtk is available under Apache v2.0 Open Source License that makes the toolkit and source free for use for both personal/commercial environment.

Scope of services

EHR, EMR, Middleware

Regions where operational


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Pune University Campus, Ganesh Khind

Contact details

Ms. Manisha Mantri
Senior Technical Officer

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