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ALERT Life Sciences Computing, R.A.

Vendor Overview

ALERT Life Sciences Computing, R.A.

ALERT® is a touchscreen global EMR, HIE, PHR, PDMS, PLANNING and BI clinical system. Web and cloud enabled, adopted in 14 countries and deployed in nationwide, statewide and enterprise-wide projects, in both public and private settings, ALERT® software complies with local and international product certifications and requirements. ALERT® solutions are locally configured in each market, and their commercialization and implementation is performed by ALERT or local partners.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

  • ALERT®Electronic Medical Record

  • ALERT® Electronic Health Record

  • ALERT® Student

  • ALERT® Personal Health Record


Scope of services

Analytics, Chronic disease, Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, Drug, EHR, EMR, Oncology, Order sets, Pharmacy, Telehealth

Regions where operational

Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, North America, South America

Downloadable documents

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Arrabida Lake Towers
Rua Daciano Batista Marques, 245
V. N. Gaia

Contact details

Maria Azeredo
Head of Business Development

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