SNOMED CT is available throughout Estonia for use in electronic health records, health research, and other applications. Adoption of SNOMED CT has already improved data quality and semantic interoperability in pathology, laboratory and nursing domains, and it is also used in European cross-border projects. The Estonian strategy for eHealth includes even wider adoption of SNOMED CT in the Estonian National Health Information System.

Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK) runs the SNOMED CT National Release Centre and maintains the Estonian extension of SNOMED CT.
The Estonian extension contains:
  • Value sets used in the data exchange with national health information system (distributed as SNOMED CT refsets);
  • Nationally added content which is specific to Estonian use cases;
  • Estonian translations to all concepts that are used in any of the national or cross-border value sets;
  • Estonian translations to the core set of concepts (continuosly expanding).
The Estonian extension is available for browsing at the international SNOMED CT Browser website. Distribution files are made available to affiliate license holders.

More information about SNOMED CT in Estonia can be accessed here:

Affiliated licenses can be obtained at

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General Assembly: Kerli Linna
Member Forum: Krista Kärt, Rutt Lindström

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Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre

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