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SNOMED CT MRCM - Beta Release Available

February 14, 2017

Since the date of issue, this information is now out of date and has been archived. It has been made available for reference.

The SNOMED CT MRCM represents the rules in the SNOMED CT concept model in a form that can be read by a computer and applied to test that concept definitions and expressions comply with these rules. The MRCM may be used for a variety of purposes, including the authoring and validation of SNOMED CT concepts, expressions, expression constraints and queries, natural language processing (NLP) and binding terminology to information models to support querying and interoperability. For more information about the MRCM, please visit

Members can download the MRCM Beta release package via the MLDS distribution site. Others may request access by contacting the Release Management Team by email (, with the subject "Release Management Team - MRCM Beta access request". The SNOMED CT MRCM Beta release notes are available here. Please note that the Beta release package is distributed for evaluation purposes only. It must not be used in production clinical systems or in clinical settings. Subject to feedback on the Beta release, the MRCM data will be included in the July 2017 SNOMED CT International Release.

To comment on the MRCM Beta release, please click on the Feedback button at the bottom of this MRCM page. All feedback must be submitted by Friday 31st March 2017.

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