The Concept

2019 Q1 Newsletter

As a new initiative, SNOMED international has established a User Support Reference Group (USRG).

About the Group

The purpose of the Group is three-fold:
  1. To identify implementation issues and discuss resolutions
  2. To enable discussion on implementation best practices and user perspectives about SNOMED CT implementation.
  3. To provide a channel for a more proactive and responsive support.

Geared at SNOMED CT Implementation course graduates, Member country representatives, advanced end users, and vendors, the User Support Reference Group will collect and better understand user’s implementation experiences with the goal of developing potential solutions.

Scheduled to meet on a quarterly basis, the agenda of the reference group will be topic based in nature and place emphasis on user presentations. The group’s scope will include implementation use cases and techniques, release updates, and other topics such as maintenance, natural language processing, and data analytics, etc. The SNOMED International Education Team will provide education guidance to the group as requested.

Since the announcement of the group at the beginning of the year, we have experienced great interest in participating in the group, and more than 70 people are now part of the group.
On February 28th, we held the first meeting, and around 40 people attended the meeting. Considering the different timezones, gathering 40 people is a good achievement and an indication that we have a strong community of engaged individuals and organizations, who are eager to meet and discuss SNOMED CT implementations, share experiences and increase their knowledge on SNOMED CT.
The first meeting was focused on SNOMED CT subsets, and Kirstine Rosenbeck (expert advisor in ELAG) shared her experiences and recommendations for meaningful and useful subset development. The presentation and the meeting, in general, was very well received, and via the immediate evaluation form set up for the meeting, we received feedback from the attendees, which we can use to qualify future meetings in the group.
We are striving to make the topics, which are addressed at these meetings, driven by requests from the group members. We also plan to use this group as a communication channel, allowing SNOMED International staff to present and explain changes and additions to SNOMED CT that may influence implementations. For example, at the next call on 23. May, we will address the topic of Description Logic Enhancements to SNOMED CT, and we will look at the impact of these changes from an implementers’ perspective.
If anyone wishes to join the group, please refer to this page, and fill in the registration form:


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