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2018 Q4 Newsletter

We have put together a Task and Finish project group of Diabetes subject matter experts to provide advice on current practice. Diabetes care is undertaken by a wide range of specialists and generalists with an interest as part of a multidisciplinary team. In order to ensure that we capture the electronic record keeping requirements of the full team each domain/specialty must be adequately represented.
It is anticipated that the membership of the task and finish group may change according to the subject area being addressed but for each domain we would expect to include the following aspects of the care record:
  • Clinical findings
  • Assessments and scales
  • Investigations
  • Relevant diabetes mellitus disorder concepts
  • Relevant complications of diabetes mellitus
The group will provide support and guidance to the clinical terminologist in the following exercises:
  1. Review existing descriptions/synonyms to ensure that they represent a true reflection of internationally agreed and understood clinical concepts
  2. Review existing Fully Specified Names to ensure that they represent a unique and unambiguous representation of the clinical concept.
  3. Be a reference source for the provision of internationally agreed understanding of the pathophysiology, aetiology and management of the various types of diabetes, their complications and clinical management to support the authors in modelling each concept.
  4. Identify gaps in existing and make proposals for new content based on evidence of usage

The Diabetes Project Group is keen to expand their membership more widely within the SNOMED community of practice and would welcome participation and expressions of interest from individuals and professional clinical organisations that have a focus on the management of those with Diabetes.

To express your interest to participate, contact


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