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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Since the previous updates, the Technical Services team has continued to work on a number of
developments and releases. Whilst there is always a lot going on, the things of note since previous
updates have been:
  • The authoring platform has had it's v3.0 release containing a number of new features which improve the platform with new features including the transformation of existing content through templates. This was a major release and thanks to everyone involved from both the technical and content teams.
  • SNOMED International is happy to welcome Switzerland and Ireland to the Managed Service taking the number to 7 SNOMED International Members now using the service.
  • Although it's been mentioned on a number of other forums, the International Edition of SNOMED CT was successfully published on time at the end of July containing a significant number of changes and additions to the content, as well as the first foray into the distribution of description logic in the terminology. The technical preview of the full representation of all stated relationships in the OWL format is also due to be published during September 2018.

Finally, there are a few changes to roles in the Technical Services team. I'm happy to announce that Dr. Sonja Ulrich has taken on the role of the Development Manager, leading the internal development team and continuing to work closely with internal stakeholders. We have also been hiring for a new DevOps Engineers to ensure that we have support across this very important technology domain.


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