Global Patient Set

The Global Patient Set will support the cross-border movement of information, and ultimately health system interoperability. A managed list of existing unique identifiers, fully specified names (FSN), preferred terms in international English, and status flag, the Global Patient Set will be available at no cost to users.

SNOMED CT products and services catalogue

This is a comprehensive guide to our products and services, complete with descriptions and links. It suggests relevant groups of products and services for different customer groups.

SNOMED CT starter guide

The Starter Guide is a practical and useful starting point from which anyone with a general interest in healthcare information can begin learning about SNOMED CT.

In just over fifty pages it provides a general introduction to key topics. It provides sufficient knowledge for those interested in an overview of what SNOMED CT is and how it works. For those seeking a more detailed understanding, the Starter Guide is a good place to gain a foundation of knowledge on which to build.

SNOMED CT Editorial Guide

The Editorial Guide provides the information necessary to model terms in SNOMED CT. It is for those who edit content in the International Releasebut it may also be useful to those creating extensions. It is a working document, subject to change and revision.

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About SNOMED International

We are a Member-based, not-for-profit organization. Our core product is SNOMED CT: the world’s most comprehensive healthcare terminology. 

SNOMED CT Benefits

Unmatched Clinical Breadth

SNOMED CT enables clinicians to record data with enhanced accuracy and consistency largely through electronic health records. 
The purpose of SNOMED CT is to encode the meanings used in health information and support the clinical recording of data to improve patient care. 

SNOMED CT Education

Online learning resources offered by SNOMED International to help you learn more about SNOMED CT 

SNOMED International Membership & Licensing

Join our Community: SNOMED CT is officially used in 75+ countries worldwide.

Software & Tooling

SNOMED International offers a wide range of software and tools to use and work with SNOMED CT, as well as supporting a growing community of developers. 

Working with SNOMED CT as a Clinician

Information about SNOMED CT and SNOMED International’s clinical engagement initiatives

Working with SNOMED CT as a Vendor

Helping the vendor community extend SNOMED CT functionality and benefits directly to their customers.

SNOMED CT machine readable concept model

The SNOMED CT Machine Readable Concept Model (MRCM) represents the SNOMED CT concept model rules in a form that can be read and tested by a computer. A human readable version of the SNOMED CT concept model can be found in the SNOMED CT Editorial Guide, along with additional guidance for SNOMED CT authors. A computable version of the MRCM is published as a set of reference sets in the SNOMED CT international edition.

SNOMED CT for clinical data analytics

Building on data capture at the point of care, one of the prime uses of SNOMED CT is to enable clinical data analytics. Watch the demo outlining how SNOMED CT supports data analytics as well as review related SNOMED International resources.

Vendor introduction to SNOMED CT

An informative and practical introduction to SNOMED CT, this introduction focuses primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of electronic health record systems and other related applications in healthcare information technology.


Information on SNOMED International membership and licensing

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